Body Therapy

What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You?

“Beyond pure technique, I value intentionality, with a focus on being in the moment, working as an artist, and being open to what is new. ” 

~ Tanya Slattery

How Can I Help You Most?


PTSD permeates one’s life. Trauma affects so many of us from concussions, abuse, accidents and more.


Chronic pain can really slow you down and affect your entire life. Before you turn to Rx or surgery, come see me.


Nerve trauma can be some of the worst 24/7 chronic pain. Body therapy can put your nerves back in place and bring lasting relief. 

Diminishing Fatigue

If you aren’t sleeping well, or you feel lethargic, some massage and cranial sacral will be the first place we start.

Reducing Inflamation

As we live our lives, the foods we eat and the stress we take into our bodies can develop into inflammation and pain.

Increasing Endurance

Having a regimen of healthy foods, sleep and body therapies will give you energy you didn’t know you had.

What Clients Say

Hear from some happy Clients

I got into a bad car accident that resulted in a minor concussion and whiplash. My body was stiff, I couldn't sleep, and the headaches were awful. After seeing Tanya, I finally began feeling like myself again.
Elise N.
Car accident
I had a pinched nerve in my neck. I had cortisone shots, some physical therapy, and other RX but the only relief I found was with Tanya. I think she does magic because her work was the solution to NO MORE PAIN!
Michael R.
Pinched nerve
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